Building Psychological Resilience through Spiritual Growth: A Self-Scoring, Guided Questionnaire

When we become aware of how we perceive the world, people, and our selves—

When we identify specific perceptions

that limit our understanding and growth—

When we outgrow these limitations—

New possibilities emerge for our behavior toward self and others.


The Spirituality and Resilience Assessment Packet (SRA) is a self-scoring questionnaire.  It provides a structured method for adults, adolescents, and families to strengthen the worldview through which they respond to stress.  The SRA can help individuals:

  • Identify both self-defeating and resilient aspects of their current worldview;
  • Find out whether their current spirituality contributes to their resilience;
  • Strengthen their worldview through mindfulness and psychospiritual growth;
  • Measure and self-monitor growth in these areas.

The SRA generates concrete conversations and practical self-inquiry about these topics.  It is designed for mental health professionals, educators, and religious leaders as an educational resource for professional work with individuals, families, and groups. 


Individuals, families, and groups who are engaged in strengthening their resilience can also use the SRA by themselves.


The SRA has a self-scoring format.  This empowers individuals to assess their own strengths and weaknesses in these areas, and to engage in self-directed learning.    


When professionals use the SRA with clients, they serve as consultants to this learning process.  This empowerment model helps professionals and clients work collaboratively as partners in the process of psychological and spiritual growth.


A complete version of the SRA is presented on this website for your review.  As you will see, the SRA combines two separate assessment instruments. 


If you would prefer to use only the first instrument (Inventory of Positive Psychological Attitudes, measuring a resilient worldview), you can order it specifically in the same self-scoring format.  You can request both the separate IPPA and the full SRA.


Individuals who want to use the SRA and/or self-scoring version of the IPPA must register and pay a one-time fee.


The SRA materials are protected legally by copyright.  They cannot be used or copied, without express permission from the Institute of Contemplative Education. Please honor the hard work of the authors by respecting these appropriate requirements.

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